TripGo API

The TripGo API allows you to plan door-to-door trips using a large variety of public and private transport. It integrates real-time information and, for selected providers, allows users to book and pay for transport.

Getting started

Getting an API key

The API is not yet open to the public. If you would like early access, please email us. For details about pricing and on limits of the free tier, see the SkedGo website.

Once you have an API key, make sure to send it along with every request as the X-TripGo-Key header.

Before you dive in

Check FastGo, our blog post and sample app showing one way of using the API.

Also, keep in mind that this API is:

API specs

The specifications are available in OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) format. Pick your favorite UI to browse the specs:


Once you dig into the API, you'll likely soon want to know more about some of its details.




Deep Linking

For a light-weight alternative to using our API, you can also deep-link into the TripGo app.

Routing results


Opens the routing results for the specified destination, and optionally the start and time:


Destination information


Opens the search screen with the destination and arrival time filled in.




Opens the departures timetable for a given stop. $region and $stop use region codes and stop codes as defined in our API.


Transport Provider Integration

For integrating new transport services into the TripGo app, as well as the TripGo API, please have a look at our Transport Providers website and get in touch with our team.